OBD 2 (On Board Diagnostics) readers

OBD 2 Readers

All Of the OBD 2 scanners (On Board Diagnostics) Fuel Saving Guys are very easy to use.  Every OBD 2 scanner we sell is wireless and can be used with any WiFi or Bluetooth device.  These device are VERY simple to use and are a most have for EVERY vehicle owner these days.  The first step is to simply find the OBD connector on your vehicle.  It is usually located under your dashboard on most cars and trucks.

OBD 2 port on vehcile | fuelsavingguys.net

Every vehicle made in North america from 1996 and on is compatible with every reader we sell.  With the vehicle power off, the OBD scanner will simply push on the the plug with light pressure.  You can see bellow the reader or scanner in my hand and the vehicle OBD 2 port on the right.

OBD 2 scanner and OBD port | fuelsavingguys.net

Once you have the reader connected to the power you can turn on the power to your vehicle, this will automatically turn on the OBD 2 scanner.  Now you simply have to search with your phone, tablet, or laptop for your new WiFi or Bluetooth reader connect it to your phone, tablet or laptop as per the direction included in each product.  You're now ready to enjoy all the benefits and power of these great devices.  Its that easy and quick to add one of these powerful devices to your car or truck and give you either piece of mind or a pile of high tech information at your finger tips!

Benefit of OBD 2 readers for people in the used car market.

OBD 2 scanners are a must have for any one looking to purchase a used vehicle.  Why trust the word of an unknown owner or pay to have a vehicle that isnt yours looked over by a mechanic.  You can simply bring along your wireless OBD 2 scanner to the vehicle you are looking at and do a quick health check to make sure your not buying a vehicle on its last legs!