Fuel Smart Cylinder Deactivation system

How Does The Fuel Smart System Work?

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We might not always realize this, but during normal operating conditions we use only about 30% of the engine power. Since the throttle valve is nearly closed, engine has to draw air and work inefficiently causing a “pumping loss”. In addition to that, fuel is being continuously pumped into each cylinder and combusted even though maximum power is not required. Therefore fuel is being wasted and the engine operates inefficiently. Just think about all the traffic jams, red lights, downhill driving and coasting on the freeways that causes needless use of fuel.  Modern microprocessor technology allows for selective deactivation of cylinders to reduce inefficiencies, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. The technology is called “variable displacement” and is being currently used in several production models from GM, Chrysler and Honda. Fuel consumption is reduced up to 25% in these vehicles! But what about other cars? Are the rest of us out of luck? Not anymore. Fuel Smart Corporation of Cleveland, OH has developed an aftermarket system that has proven to do the same and even more! Our patent-pending microprocessor-controlled system monitors vehicle performance and selectively shuts off cylinders when it detects conditions that do not require maximum performance. In addition, our new system is equipped with sensors not currently used by auto manufacturers for even better monitoring and responsiveness. Any fuel injected car can benefit from this technology.

Facts to consider: 

  • + Go to the pump less often.
  • + No additives to add
  • + Install and forget – seamless operation
  • + Simple installation can be done by your self or any mechanic
  • + No loss of engine performance when you need it
  • + Reduce wear and tear on your engine


There are many products on the market that promise improved fuel efficiency. Do your research before you buy. Invest in a proven, modern solution without compromising your life style and performance of your vehicle.