Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Fuel Smart product manufactured?
All manufacturing is done at our facility just east of Cleveland, OH on our brand new SMT line and we do not outsource any part of the manufacturing process. We are proud to offer jobs and quality product to US consumers.

Where can I buy the Fuel Smart product?
Many automotive retailers and service providers sell our product.  Please email us your city and we will send you back information on the location nearest you.

Does it work on all vehicles?
Fuel Smart gas saving system is designed to work on fuel injected cars with 4, 6 or 8 cylinders. Our system won’t work on carbureted engines.

What fuel economy should I expect?
Expected fuel savings are 15-20% depending on your driving habits, variable displacement technology is capable of reducing fuel consumption by 22%.  

How much is the unit?
The retail price on the unit is only $300 + $25 Shipping and Handling and it will pay off sooner than you expect.

Are there other products that help save gas that you recommend?
There are a number of products that might help with fuel economy, however none offer as dramatic savings as Fuel Smart. Some of the products that we are aware of that can actually help you save gas are Magnaflow Exhaust, AirAid, Hypertech, E3 spark plugs. These are all mechanical devices for your engine and are not designed to save fuel specifically. However they can offer minor fuel economy. We also recommend sticking to fuel efficient driving technics, like avoiding fast braking and reducing unnecessary weight (a lot of us have 50-60 lbs of junk in our trunks that should be left in the garage).

Is the unit difficult to install?
It takes only about an hour for a trained technician to install the unit. After the installation, no maintenance is needed.

Do I have to modify my car?
NO, the unit is simply installed between car’s fuel injectors and the ECU