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Fuel Saving Guys was formed in early 2012 by two entrepreneurs: Ross and Brett Jessop. That's us!

We formed Fuel Saving Guys on the basis that the general public does not receive enough education or have access to some of the world's best technology from the automotive aftermarket industry. As a company, Fuel Saving Guys set out to find, test, and distribute the latest in fuel saving technology THAT WORKS! We have since grown to offer everything from Eco-friendly Croftgate car care, to the latest in OBD 2 readers. We have now even branched out into high tech consumer electronics including the Luxor 2 flash light by PLX Devices. You will not find anything in our product inventory that we have not personally tested on our personal vehicles and approved! 

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While Ross recovered from prostate cancer and Brett recovered from a shoulder reconstruction it gave us time to search the world for what they knew was out there and felt the public needed to know about. We wanted to give the public the option of getting EVERY DIME OUT OF EVERY LITRE however they choose, not how auto manufactures choose.


We drive full size trucks and love to tour our beautiful country in them.  Ross has over 30 years in the transportation industry while Brett has over 15 years in the high-tech automation industry. Together we not only love to work on cars but feel someone needs to step in and help the general public with some relief at the pump. 


We would personally like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you find a product that suite your needs. If you do not and would like us to look into a technology you have found, please let us know.


Ross & Brett
Fuel Saving Guys
Saving you 20% on fuel consumption