Kiwi 3 O2 sensor "demo"

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PLX Devices Kiwi 3 killed it.....

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Well another wonderful weekend came and went for Fuel Saving Guys.  Weather up here was fantastic for a change this summer!  We were approached by a potential customer (they purchased the Kiwi 3 immediately after) about some issues they were experiencing with their car.  Turns out there son wasn't paying too much attention and jumped a curb in a parking lot.  Any how car instantly turned on the check engine light and they assumed the worst.  That night they came by and they talked to us about purchasing the Kiwi 3 from PLX Devices as they owned Android phones but their son had a Iphone and they all wanted to be able to use the device.  Thanks to the multi platform ability that only the Kiwi 3 from PLX Devices has it was a no brainer!  They could not decide if it was a better Idea to just take the car in our see if it was something they could handle on their own, so we offered to assist as long as we could run a demo out of it.......if they liked the product it was up to them if they wanted to own it or not after.

Well easy enough, we went out to the car plugged in the Kiwi 3 and boom up pops about every P code available on Chevy Cruze possible!  This was easy for everyone to see as it explains right there on your phone what's going on "O2 sensor low voltage" etc.  We took one quick look under the car and well sure enough the O2 sensor on this poor Chevy Cruze was bent over at about a 45 degree angle :)

O2 sensor, OBD 2, OBD 2 scanner, PLX Devices, Kiwi 3, scantool, OBDLink, OBDlink MX, engine light, fuelsavingguys

After some quick calls we had a brand new O2 sensor on the way!  took about 15 minutes to swap the O2 sensor out of this Chevy Cruze.  We rescanned the car with the Kiwi 3 and easily cleared all the codes!  The customer instantly went online to and purchased a unit!

O2 sensor, OBD 2 scanner, OBD 2, Kiwi 3, PLX Devices, engine light, chevy, OBDLink, fuelsavingguys

We have since checked in with the customer and car is running fantastic, no codes have come back up.  After some calling around he said at a minimum he saved $200 by doing the repair himself.....that paid for the Kiwi 3 scantool from PLX Devices and still kept an extra $40 in his pocket! 


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